Dies Rolleri Typ R3



Dies Rolleri Type R3 are:

  • compatible with press brakes with a table groove for pins 13 x 20 mm:
    Bystronic-Beyeler, Bystronic-Hämmerle, Safan, SMD, Trumpf
  • also applicable on all other press brakes with adapters and die holders

Our Advantages – Your Convenience

  • own production facilities (no reseller or dealer)
  • every single tool is traceable thanks to a unique serial number
    stamped after the first quality control
  • precision grinding (tolerance of +/-0.01 mm)
  • guaranteed tool reproduction
  • exact parallelism
  • precise, consistent working height
  • modifications possible
  • very large stock availability


Raw material is provided by qualified suppliers and chemical composition corresponds to international standards. Therefore, raw material yield and tensile strength are guaranteed.

Material Type Mechanical resistance of the material
and the tool body
Hardness of the material and the tool body Hardness of the operating surfaces
after induction hardening
42CrMo4 900-1150 N/mm2
29,1 - 36,9 HRc 54 - 60 HRc
C45 560-710 N/mm2 12 - 15,5 HRc 54 - 60 HRc

  • Specifications for the maximum press force kN/m are indicated as such, 1 t = 10 kN.


All Dies Rolleri Type R3:

  • All dies Rolleri Type R3 are by default equipped with a 13 x 20 mm tail.

Indications of precision ground surfaces:

Modification: Tang Bar

To use Rolleri Type R1 dies, a 10 mm groove is milled where a ground bar is mounted.

For more specific information and prices go to Modification Chapter.

Tool lengths and sectioning


Segmented tools are delivered in complete sets.
More lengths and sectionings are possible upon request.

Lengths without sectioning:

  • 1000 mm
  • 500 mm
  • 525 mm

Lengths with sectioning:

  • Sectioning 1100 mm segmented (12 segments)
  • Sectioning FC 250 mm segmented (7 segments)
  • Sectioning F 495 mm segmented (8 segments)
  • Sectioning FW 550 mm segmented (8 segments)

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compatible with press brake machines from:
Bystronic-Beyeler RFA
Bystronic-Beyeler RF
Bystronic-Beyeler R
Bystronic-Beyeler S

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