Rolleri Mark-Free Bending

Prevention of Bending Marks

Prevention or Reduction of Bending Marks

One of the challenges of bending is preventing the profile from having bending marks, such as scratches and abrasions on the surface areas.
Especially of profiles made of:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminium
  • painted metal panels

often show lines in the contact areas between sheet metal and die. This is the consequence of friction occurring when bending sheet metal with dies with small radius on the V opening.

In order to prevent this marking, the following solutions are possible:

  • Bending Foil
  • Polyurethane inserts
  • Synthetic Dies
  • Rolla-V
  • enlarged radius on the V opening of a die

Video: Mark Free Bending

T-Dies (TR)

The following options are available to prevent bending marks on the surfaces:

  • Protective Sheets
  • Polyurethane Inserts
  • Synthetic Dies
  • Rolla-V

The alternative to these options mentioned above,
is a modification of the dies:

  • enlargement of the dies‘ inner radius
    (Retrofitting of new or existing dies)

This solution is available on stock for some of our T-Dies under the Article No.: TR

Our Advantages – Your Convenience

  • Prevention of scratches and abrasions on bent sheet metals
  • No post-processing necessary, with subsequent time and cost efficiency
  • increases the product quality
  • easy handling

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Prevention of Bending Marks by:
Bending Foil
Plastic Dies 

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